Draft Horses Down Under

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Coolgardie Prospectors Wagon

It has finally arrived!  Our new wagon turned up on the 14th of July and I picked it up in Brisbane.  Can't tell you how exciting it was to finally get it home.  The wagon was built by Lotex Carriage Builders in Western Australia.  It is a replica of a "Coolgardie Prospectors Wagon"  from the Museum of WA.  It was built in 1995 and has only been used three times until now...  We had it out twice the first weekend and again yesterday.  What a luxury to buy something we can just hook onto and drive.  Enjoy the photos, TimWe did 6km or so and Chubbs finally started to settle down.  The only things he has pulled with wheels have been the Hayrake and mower for three years.  Well, Keighley used him to jump start the Jackeroo a couple of times.Chase and Dracula are instant fans of the wagon.