Draft Horses Down Under

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North American Harness and Collars Explained

Shape of collars

Collars are constructed in 3 basic shapes:

  1. FULL SWEENEY fits heavy "stud like" necks, where the neck is extremely thick at the upper part of the neck.
  2. HALF SWEENEY fits necks that are wide and thick at the upper part of the neck, (the most used collar for draft horses).
  3. FULL FACE or straight collar fits flat and slender necks (most always used for buggy collars).


Below you will find diagrams identifying "common" names for North American harness that can be used as a reference.  There are also different names used depending on where you are using your harness.  A good example is holdback straps or quarter straps.  Everyone will know what you are talking about...as long as you are on the right coast at the time!

At the bottom of this measuring guide you will find size references and common style numbers that are pretty consistent across Canada and North America with Amish made harnesses.

Included below is a blank sheet you can print out and use to measure your own horse.  Just right click on the sheet and select "print picture".