Draft Horses Down Under

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HV McKay Sunshine Machinery No. 24 Single Horse Mower c.1924

This is some footage from the first time I tried out our mower, nearly finished minus a grassstick at this stage.  I spent a few good months restoring this Sunshine Machinery No.24 Single Horse mower from two machines.  The Museum of Victoria helped out a lot once they worked out what i was talking about. This was 2004 and I have since had some shafts and pins turned up as well as put in some new bearings, you live and learn.  Lynn Miller's, "Haying with Horses", helped a lot since it came out as far as tuning the mower goes, as I didn't have any idea of the finer details.  Check it out. Keighley had all the cousins over to spectate and point and jeer, we got it going after a bit and it is now a valuable part of our farm.


Mowing pasture

Mowing with Chubbs February 28, 2008

This video is about four years since the original one on top of the page.  We cut a fair amount last week and got it raked up before the rain then it rained again for a couple of days.  Anyway out getting it done.5QXGaQlpdYY

Giant Paspalum

This stuff is terrible to mow.  It lays down for about 500mm then it stands up so i have cut it raked it and now might get it with the last cut.

HV McKay Sunshine Machinery No. 24

Sunshine Machinery Works, Sunshine Victoria

This video is a clip from some aussie archives.  HV McKay Sunshine Machinery had over fifty acres under cover as well as technical schools, hospitals and a library all provided for the employees and their families.  This is the factory where mower was built c1924   -1PypqJiO7E               

Mower ready to put back together.

I personally cleaned retored and repainted every single part of this mowerhttp://videos.webs.com/player.swf?file=23986468&pv=1.0&prem=t&page=http%3A//www.drafthorseaustralia.com/mowerrestoration2004.htm&r=0.9427821489209289&ext=.flvhttp://videos.webs.com/player.swf?file=23986176&pv=1.0&prem=t&page=http%3A//www.drafthorseaustralia.com/mowerrestoration2004.htm&r=0.7926324814235588&ext=.flv